Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sometimes, pretty people need to get ugly.

Serene came over after school today! Jayden was who-knows-where.
I swear, that child is a mess.
But Serene was all like, "LET'S GO TO THE MALL!!!"
So, we went to the mall.
Now, understand something.
Serene is GORGEOUS.
So she looooves buying new clothes and makeup and putting them on and strutting around by every hot guy she sees. And since I'm her best friend, she takes me with her. And usually, the guys DROOL over her.
Here, this is Serene, take a look at this.
Yeah. Unnaturally, unfairly pretty.
So, of course, we went to the mall. Some hot guys stopped and stared. Some asked for our numbers.
Serene LOOOOOVES attention, lemme tell you. Adores it. And I mean, come on. She's pretty, like REALLY, and she gets all the attention she wants just by walking through the mall.
I'm surprised she doesn't have a boyfriend.
But, tomorrow is a half day, thank the Lord!
Jayden is probably gonna drag me to some creepy festival with Isabelle.
Wish me luck!
XOXO, Alayneyboooo!

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