Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You need to hear me out, and they said speak now!

Alayyyyne here.
I'm really bored, so I figure you probably want to know some about me.
I loove making lists, so here's the first of, probably, many:
1. My name is Alayne Faye Ryder.
2. I live in Blairsville, Georgia.
3. I have 5 best friends. Serene Porter, Hayden Greene, Nicole Brennet, Delaney Whim, and Isabelle Moore.
4. My favorite all-time food is those white and pink frosted animal crackers with the sprinkles. And dinosaur egg oatmeal.
5. I attend Charlotte Marine Day School, also know as CMDS. I am in ninth grade.
6. If I haven't already told you, I'm 14.
7. I have a twin sister named Jayden Dannica Ryder. My mom comes up with some strange names.
8. Jayden has a chihuahua named Dot, and I have a beagle named Mouse.
9. My nickname is Laney. And Jayden's is Jay.
10. I really love photography. And Taylor Swift songs, such as Speak Now.
I bet you're pretty bored now. I'll stop for you.
XOXO! Laney

1 comment:

  1. Heey, I actually like your blog (:
    My name is actually Hayden and so is your friend, haha, just thought that was cool!

    well keep blogging! they're really interesting!