Friday, October 15, 2010

My best fraaaans.

Sure enough, Jayden and Isabelle dragged me to some crazy festival. It was, like, all about halloween and it had this scary horror house whatever and crap.
I almost peed my pants when the guy in the haunted house jumped out with a freaking chainsaw.
BUUUT, I might as well show you Jayden, that crazy girl that I call my twin sister. By the way, we look nothing alike.
Yep, that's her. Oh! Isabelle too. Can't forget Isabelly.

Soooo, the weirdos that they are dragged me to the freakish festival.
I'm bored now.
Nooothing to taaaalk aboooout.
Well, I might as well show you my friends. Remember that first post?
I'll quote:
I have 5 best friends. Serene Porter, Hayden Greene, Nicole Brennet, Delaney Whim, and Isabelle Moore.
I showed you Isabelle and Serene, so, Hayden, Nicole, and Delaney.
This is Hayden. She's pretty and is basically the "scene" one in our group.
Next up is Nicole. Wait, I lied. Hayden isn't the only scene girl in our group. Nicole is too. Oh, and just for the record, I have no idea what "" is. Probably just what it says it is though.

And last but most DEFINITELY not least is our deary Delaney. She calls herself preppy, because she wears plaid and houndstooth and crap. But whatever, we love her anyways.

So that's the end of my segment on besties. Hahahaha.
Oh, and Nicole's coming over. Yay!
XOXO, alayneybooo!

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